• Graphic design
  • The making of the Stone Edge Capital logo

    Overview• Process

    Making the first sketches.

    Developing promising ideas.

    The art director provides feedback.

    A different designer creates another idea.

    Continuing the search.

    Art director: This one might be OK, but it’s all about falling and shadow markets.

    More ideas.

    The designer attempts to incorporate animal images.

    Choosing the red color for the logo and preparing a presentation with all ideas.

    Working on the shape of the bull and the bear.

    Inviting a new designer to draw the sign.

    Preparing a presentation.

    The first designer continues the search.

    Returning to the Fraktur idea.

    Client: There’s a small detail we’d like you to work on: the bear’s ears! They really look like mouse ears to us :)

    Designer: Maybe we can just make them smaller, so the proportions would be more bear-like? In real life, bear ears and mouse ears are quite similar in shape (slightly elongated). In our case I think the problem is in the overall Mickey Mouse style.

    Client: Nope, these are still not the ears we need.

    Designer: You can see the bear’s head in variants 5 and 7 as I think the problem is more with the head than the shape of the ears.

    The client replies that they like number 7 the most. However, it seems that the ears have moved slightly back, while they should be closer to the head.

    In number 1 the client liked that the bear and bull heads were drawn in equal detail.

    Meanwhile, the type designer sends in the first letters.

    Art director: Too Medieval, in my opinion. Look at the today’s logos.

    Type designer: There you go.

    Drawing the final version of the logo.

    Art director: Cool.

    Although let’s discuss this hump.


    The client asks to go back to the first design of the sign.

    The client approves the logo.

    Subtly adjusting the logo to change everything and nothing.

    Preparing the announcement.