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    Logo for 12/24 lottery

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to make a logo for a lottery.

    12/24 is a lottery in which to win a prize a player has to guess either 12 numbers or none. The logo—a red and blue battery divided by a lightning bolt—represents the game’s drive and popularity.

    stoloto 12 24 logo white
    stoloto 12 24 logo dark
    Main version of the logo on white and dark backgrounds

    Based on the lightning bolt element, a dynamic pattern was created.

    Release date: May 08 2015


    art director
    type designer
    project managers

    stoloto 12 24 logo simple
    Simplified logo

    The recommendations for using the logo are put together in the guidebook.

    stoloto 12 24 logo bb margins
    Double-page spread on the space around the logo

    stoloto 12 24 logo bb colors
    Full-colored versions of the logo
    stoloto 12 24 logo boy

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