Gosloto 4 out of 20 lottery interface

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to get website visitors excited about a new lottery.

The new lottery intended to become Stoloto’s flagship game requires players to guess only four numbers out of 20. However, they need to do this twice as combinations need to be marked on two fields. The biggest super prize yet more than makes up for the effort. The interface developed at the studio emphasizes the size of the prize.

stoloto 4x20 main
The huge truck symbolizes the giant prize

Overall, there are 21 winning categories and the minimum prize is awarded for guessing just two numbers. The expanded combinations work the same way they do in other Stoloto lotteries, until the price of the ticket reaches a certain threshold.

stoloto 4x20 game
Combination selection page

After each draw, a broadcast with the winning combination is published on the website.

Players get closer to the final with each number

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