The making of the Gosloto 4 out of 20 lottery interface

Overview• Process

The client is getting ready to launch a new lottery with a simple game formula and big prizes.

Coming up with the graphical representation of the game.

Let’s shoot the winning combination!

stoloto 4x20 process 1

Or how about we try to create a formula for success? After each draw, the formula will line up in a clear structure showing the results.

Or maybe a kaleidoscope? Nope.

stoloto 4x20 process 3

Generating a couple more ideas and showing the whole batch to the client.

stoloto 4x20 process 4

The client likes the one with the cyclist, which would maintain the traditional relation of the lotteries and sport. The only thing we need to do is to consider replacing cycling with truck racing which is closer to the target audience. Plus, it would be a better reflection of the powerful prizes.

While we are thinking, another idea with bubbles comes up.

The art director doesn’t approve, so we go back to the trucks. Drawing a sketch of a cool futuristic rig and showing to the client.

stoloto 4x20 process 6

The client asks us to go back to the Dakar Rally truck we had before. Putting together another sketch from bits and pieces and demonstrating again.

stoloto 4x20 process 7

Before creating the final drawing we use reference pictures to create a 3D model.

stoloto 4x20 process 9

Putting it on the page and firing up Photoshop.

Adding gloss in post-production.

stoloto 4x20 process 11

Finalizing the broadcast. Done.