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    Duel lottery interface

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    to create an interface for a lottery.

    In the Duel lottery players can make bets in two ticket fields at the same time. The players mark at least two numbers from 1 to 26 in each field and wait for the draw results. A new Duel is held every 15 minutes.

    Main page shows results of the latest draws

    Players win when the numbers fully or partially match winning combinations for each of the fields.

    duel stavka

    Blue vs red

    Correctly guessing number pairs in both fields guarantees a super prize.

    art director

    • Ludwig Bistronovsky

    senior designer

    • Vasily Sergeev


    • Svetlana Yaroshevich


    • Evgeny Kuleshov
    • Igor Bodnar


    • Igor Fatkin

    project manager

    • Daria Kocherina