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    Overview   Process  

    About the draw of the new Mercedes:

    A couple of ideas for the countdown banner:

    A new draw. The old Mercedes drives away, the new one arrives.

    We come up with Mercedes-2:

    The next car is on the way. The copywriter brings in some ideas:

    The third car:

    Evolution of the intrigue banner:

    Exploratory sketches of the promo page:

    The principal arrangement:

    And the campaign banner:

    About the super prize of 300 million rubles in the “7 out of 49” game:

    Evolution of the banner about the train that you almost missed:

    The banner about the time of prizes approaching:

    Win on a weekend and stop working on workdays. A week-long banner:

    The concept of the car’s final appearance, rejected by the art director:

    About the draw of tickets to Sochi:

    Art director: Ghm. What’s that lesbian love-story?

    Designer: So if two girlfriends are holding each other, it must mean they’re lesbians? The client wanted two blonde girlfriends.

    Art director: Right now you have a very intimate couple there, their relationship is on the same level as that of the elder and middle-aged couples next to them. And surely, arms on each other’s backs, touching shoulders, and hugging boobs to boobs and faces so close—all this is not about being just girlfriends.

    About coupling with Alfa-Click:

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