The making of the Housing Lottery logo

Overview   Process  

The Housing Lottery is a bingo-type game. Once a week each player has a chance to win real estate (number of apartments is different in each draw) or a cash prize. A ticket is required to play.

The existing logo.

gjl process 01

Apart from other things, the main technical problem of the current solution is its total illegibility in small formats.

gjl process 02

The client wants to maintain the colors but move away from the Russian flag and remove the word State from the lottery name. We also need to make sure the logo can be used against colored backgrounds and in small scale, including on websites and in apps. We need to invent a bright logo for screens.

Making first sketches.

gjl process 03

Elaborating some of them.

gjl process 03 02
gjl process 04

The art director asks to think some more.

gjl process 05

Using a goldfish. Considering the shape.

gjl process 06

Modeling. Trying to render.

gjl process 07

Doesn’t look like a logo. Opening up the vector editor.

gjl process 08

Now we can finalize one of the first variants, the ball with the square meter abbreviation, and assemble the presentation for the client.

Unfolding the ball, sketching a texture. Arranging lighting.

gjl process 08 02
gjl process 09


Trying to animate.

Preparing a presentation.

gjl process 12

The client chooses the ball. Finalizing.

Starting with the letters. Using the studio’s Schlange typeface as the base. Trying to see if modifying only some of the strokes will do.

gjl process 13

The type designer sends in her variants.

gjl process 14

Starting to work on the final render of the ball.

Searching for the position of the digit.

Preparing simplified versions.

gjl process 17

Arranging the placement of the text and the symbol.

gjl process 18

Drawing the corporate pattern.

Writing rules for the use of the logo and typesetting the guide.

gjl process 20
gjl process 19 02


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