• Graphic design
  • Stoloto
  • The making of the Stoloto corporate identity element

    Overview• Process

    Starting to work.

    We have an interesting idea about magic, luck and a splash of joy.

    Putting together a presentation and demonstrating.

    The client likes the idea, but not the light rays. Continuing in a similar but slightly different vein.

    Trying to develop the circles idea.

    And to reinvent the light rays.

    Realizing that the element lacks individuality. Light rays are too abstract and have no relation to lotteries.

    Trying to insert pictograms and testing the element on various media.

    Removing noise.

    The background still competes with the foreground for attention. Making the background less bright.

    Showing the result to the client.

    Continuing the search, going back to circles and waves. Going over the mock-ups once again and deciding to divide all messages into two groups.

    To make sure the text is readable, putting it on colored bars.

    Increasing the image depth and drawing additional graphics with more emotions.

    Trying the mock-ups on signs and windows. Showing to the client.

    This time the client likes the result. Finalizing the graphics and the style guide.