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Stoloto logo 2.0

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Task: to refresh and update a logo.

Due to the increase in variety of media and formats that Stoloto employs in its advertising, the company required an updated logo. Three versions of the new logo were developed at the studio that provide for all possible situations and conditions of use, from embossing on textured materials to large-scale printing on supernarrow formats.

stoloto logo2
stoloto logo2 additional
The primary and supplementary versions

No matter the format and proportions of a module, the logo is always legible and looks well next to various graphics.

Release date: January 12 2015


art director
type designer
project manager

stoloto logo2 full
A full version of the logo was created for use in formal documents
stoloto logo2 formats
For all purposes

The logo and the text look great when placed on objects and realistic images.

stoloto logo2 winter
Stoloto website banner

A volumetric version was created for use on screens and in large-format printing.

stoloto logo2 3d ru
stoloto logo2 3d en
Russian and English versions

Rules of working with the logo, principles of choosing the background color and typesetting of ad modules are given in the manual.

stoloto logo2 bb logo
Opening on placement on colored bars
stoloto logo2 bb ad
Opening on placement next to advertising graphics
stoloto logo2 bb color
Opening on choosing a background color

stoloto logo2 girl

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