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    The making of the Stoloto logo 2.0

    Overview   Process  

    We start by trying to understand the shortcomings of the current version of the logo and seeing what needs to be fixed. The text is too dense, the graphics becomes illegible in small scale. Starting the search.

    Checking the findings in real-life situations.

    Art director: The name is too small, it can be barely seen next to competitors’ logos. You need to make it larger.

    Art director: Not drastic enough. How about in two lines?

    Also trying a more active color.

    Time to show the results to the client. Preparing a presentation.

    Getting the response and continuing to work on details. What if the little man is even more happy to have won?

    We can try both more and less dense text.

    The extremely excited little man is not OK. We just need to work on the one we have.

    We also need to play with the text elements.

    If the client ever wanted a full drawing, what would it look like?

    Getting back to the fitting room and checking out how the logo looks on business cards, on a website and next to other logos.

    Asking the type designer to draw a nice text. Experimenting with stroke width, spacing and shapes.

    The client doesn’t like the geometric character of the letters. All right, we’ll keep it in mind.

    Now for the color. Blue is desirable, but we’ll try to make it heavier, like royal blue.

    It looks like we’ll need more festive versions: volume, light gradients, glare.

    It seems the set is complete.

    Making some more changes based on the client’s wishes and explaining how to use the logo in the brand book.

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