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    Stoloto online lottery mall 2.0

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to refresh an online lottery supermarket.

    The website greets the visitors with a large storefront with all the lotteries. Each lottery is represented on individual tiles with information on the prize, bet amount and time before the next draw.

    stoloto site2 main
    The store is open 24/7

    Clicking a tile opens a window with detailed information about the lottery.

    stoloto site2 ice
    The bets are made right on the main page

    Release date: July 03 2014


    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Vasily Sergeev
    Alina Yagfarova
    Dmitry Zelinsky
    technical designers
    Anna Voshkarina
    Aleksandra Maun
    Evgeny Kuleshov
    Aleksandr Ischenko
    Sergey Kopalkin
    Alyona Malashenko
    project managers
    Yulia Yakovleva
    Karina Ibragimova
    Anastasia Bezborodova

    Bright teaser ads invite visitors to participate in the lotteries.

    stoloto site2 teasers
    Each attractive in its own way

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