Store equipment for Sunlight

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Task: to update store equipment design and make it recognizable.

We used standard materials, such as MDF and glass, to organize Sunlight store space. The new design is cheaper to produce and easy to set up, thanks to its modular structure, which includes showcases, cashiers, and towers.

sunlight interior kiosk
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The whole style is built around section cuts that resemble diamond facets. Depending on the budget, the signature section artwork is applied by engraving or becomes an actual 3-D structure of bent acrylic glass.

Release date: December 08 2011


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art director
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sunlight interior glass 01
sunlight interior glass 02
sunlight interior glass 03
sunlight interior glass 04
Parts of the whole

Eight elements designed in the studio provide enough flexibility to organize any space of any size, as long as it is divisible by 0.5m.

sunlight interior module
Showcase can be lit from within or have a top light

To make a store literally stand out in a mall there are freestanding towers of various heights and widths that can also come with an inbuilt promotional display.

sunlight interior stela
Different options

Building kiosks of the most popular sizes is easy as 1-2-3.

sunlight interior kiosk 2m
2 sq. m

sunlight interior kiosk 9m
9 sq. m

sunlight interior kiosk big
Large kiosk with top lighting

All the little details are taken care of: check out a comfortable counter to lean a purse on, deep niche at the cashier zone, consistent lighting throughout a showcase.

sunlight interior details
Showcase appears to float due to the light at its base

Showcases wear decorative panels with engraved or stamped artwork.

Narrow pattern

Wide pattern with complex circular ornaments

To support the look, stores get the section design on the back wall around the logo and angled mirror panels on side walls.

sunlight interior store above
Freestanding tower controls traffic at the store entrance

sunlight interior store front 01
sunlight interior store front 02
sunlight interior store front 03
Signature backdrop, store equipment, and store facade

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