• Sunlight
  • The making of the Sunlight store equipment

    Overview   Process  

    The first request was to design away without any restrictions whatsoever.

    It appeared there were some limitations after all. Second round. Store interior and kiosk sketches.

    Change of course again: instead of something made from scratch the customer wants the existing design to be used with some decorative additions as long as the overall look remains recognizable. Studying the present design.

    The initial assignment proves itself insufficient and needs to be expanded due to a clear need for a modular system that will easily accommodate store spaces as well as freestanding kiosks. The geometrical ornament became the backbone.

    Trying the pattern in various layouts and sizes.

    Artwork panel.

    Outlining a set of needed elements based on the existing showcases.

    Adding freestanding towers as extra navigation units. Providing standard (left) and budget construction options.

    Comparing our progress sketch with the original. Different blocks became visually more balanced resulting in a more pulled together look.

    Finishing up some details.

    Standard store interior should also be easy to adopt to different space layouts and fit a very tight budget.

    So, neither floor nor ceiling can be altered.

    That leaves us with a wall behind the counter where we apply the signature pattern.

    Trying different store layouts.

    Waste of space: showcases cannot be used as islands with all-around access.

    To keep the number of elements to the minimum all showcases must fit at 90-degree angle.

    Almost there. Just need to mirror the whole thing to steer visitors clockwise. Polishing the details.

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