Surpriz Box website

Task: to create an intriguing online store.

Surpriz Box was created so that people won’t forget the excitement of getting unexpected gifts. What you order on the website remains a mystery until you get the order. The mock-ups designed at the studio support the air of mystique by demonstrating gifts in beautiful boxes with bright ribbons.

Those who want to surprise their loved ones and themselves can only see the approximate contents of orders they place. Say, you’re thinking of buying a drone for your birthday and order a selection of gadgets. And then you wait: will you get a drone among other things, or something completely different but equally useful?

Images on the pages only hint at what may be in the box which is shown surrounded by a variety interesting things that are chaotically spinning. This is to emphasize the fact that the contents of each box are selected at random. All you know for sure is the total price of the order.

—Daddy, I finished this year with all As. What will I get?

—I don’t know yet, but something very tasty. And lots of it

Naturally, the text on the website also shouldn’t reveal any secrets but rather should ignite the curiosity of visitors. After such an introduction, you want to push the order button almost automatically. The future gifts look equally enticing on a desktop screen and a mobile device.

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