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    Task: to develop a display typeface.

    Zet is a brisk and diverse display typeface capable of conveying different moods depending on typographic needs. It can be obedient, touching and sweet as well as sharp, rough and even aggressive.

    als zet type

    The variability in the character of the face is explained by its features: contrasting character proportions and a combination of smooth and chopped shapes.

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    Online price:  40.68  $
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    Release date: November 26 2014


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    als zet food

    Zet looks great on bright packaging and loud posters.

    als zet poster

    The face includes lots of ligatures and alternative characters making composition more vivid and exciting.

    als zet centipede

    The face comes in four styles (straight, light, wide and light wide) with sets of symbols and pictures that reveal its many-sided nature.

    als zet icons
    als zet zombies

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