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Sushi Bistro café logo 2.0

Seven samurai in Moscow,
but it’s cold like on Fuji
warming up at Sushi Bistro

Sushi Bistro is the elite food of the capital
Dasha-chan, why the fuck didn’t you finish your rice
the Japanese mother teaches

sushibistro2 01

I remember we went to another place
I had to get up three times at night
to perform seppuku

sushibistro2 02

The sushi are made, the rolls are rolling, the yakitori are fried
they brought oshibori so I can eat miso
learning Japanese

sushibistro2 03
sushibistro2 04

Sensei, explain the menu, I don’t see nabe
look, in the logo the plaque looks like Б:
Sushi Bistro

sushibistro2 05

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