Svetoforus-1 (Luxofor) traffic lights design concept

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Task: Perfect traffic lights.

The shape of traffic lights has barely changed since they were invented—there have always been three round lights: red, yellow and green. Initially, the sections were round simply because this allowed the spherical bulp inside light the glass evenly.

Today traffic lights use super bright light diodes that can be arranged in any way. And the sections are plastic, which also means any shape can be created.

Our idea is to produce square traffic lights. This can make the signals more easily noticeable and recognizable, with larger lit area for the same overall dimensions.

Additional section also needs to be modified. Now drivers see green light when they are allowed to make the turn, but no light at all if they have to wait. There should be some symbol to display, to show the turn is not allowed (using two color diodes)

Square traffic lights would benefit the image of any city.

Release date: November 19 2008


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We, Art. Lebedev team, are willing to work with road safety councils and local authorities on improving and designing road marking and signage, traffic and city lights, urban furniture, etc.

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