The making of the Svetoforus-1

Overview   Process   Clone  

Luxofor is one of the Studio’s record-long projects. First renders appeared as early as in 2003. Several ‘generations’ of visualizers made their contribution.

Timur Burbayev’s drafts for mounting design.

Renders by Vladimir Sinelnikov.

Renders by Igor Shmelev.

Renders by Andrey Sharapov.

Renders by Nik Sushkevitch.

Years passed by. One day Timur came across an ad showing traffic lights of similar kind, which was the most frustrating thing during the project.

It was just a design move to use the company logo. But in case this ad had some effect, we decided to immediately publish our concept online to make sure no one could say we weren’t the first to think of it. That very day (19 October, 2005) our portfolio saw this image:

Years kept on passing by.

Renders by Sergei Aleinikov.

Pictograms by Yevgeny Kazantsev.

Renders by Dmitry Dolgikh.

Traffic lights in New York (photo).

Visualization evolved.

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