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    Sheremetyevo Airport maps

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create airport maps.

    The growing infrastructure and the increase in passenger flow at the largest airport in Russia required an update of the airport’s navigation. New maps based on common principles and unified design were created at the studio. The maps will be placed on information boards, printed in inflight magazines and published on the official airport website.

    svo navigation main
    South Terminal Complex (Terminals D, E and F)

    Guides for transfer passengers are marked right on the terminal complex map, not on a separate map as before.

    Release date: February 17 2014


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    svo navigation transitions
    Complex transitions between floors are made clear
    svo navigation info
    Information is given both in Russian and in English

    Zones are separated by orange checkpoint fences. Pictograms of border checkpoints and boarding gate numbers are made large and bright for better legibility.

    svo navigation color code

    Icons are divided into groups. Airport services are colored orange, supplementary services are colored dark blue, and pharmacy icons are green.

    svo navigation icons

    Stairs, escalators, elevators, departure boards and baggage claim areas are marked with 3D images of the objects.

    svo navigation baggage
    Clarity, volume, visibility

    Individual maps were created for arrival areas. A common area plan was developed for Terminal C, where arrival and departure areas are combined.

    Arrivals area in Terminals D and F    Arrivals area in Terminal E    Terminal C   

    svo navigation arrivals 01
    svo navigation arrivals 02
    svo navigation arrivals 03

    The overview map shows the location of the terminals and other airport buildings, as well as nearby roads, parkings and hotels.

    svo navigation overall
    Sheremetyevo in full view

    The maps were adapted to the current website and supplemented by an interactive legend.

    svo navigation site
    Each floor can be seen in detail

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