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Sheremetyevo Airport customs control zone design

Task: to design the appearance of a customs control zone.

Sheremetyevo Airport now has a clean and beautiful customs control zone with a unified design. Information surfaces are emphasized with color and backlighting, while modules designed in a unified style reduce visual noise.

The main categories of goods that must be declared are listed on the glass to the right: in most cases this is enough to choose the right corridor.

The text is simple and clear, while the thoughtful layout makes it quick to read.

customs red info

The list of goods changes frequently, so the short list includes only the basic products. When in doubt, travelers should check the full list.

customs info2

Other documents are placed in pockets attached to the glass. Names of documents over the pockets are typed larger than on the documents themselves.

If there are no more entrances to the green corridor, the information is not duplicated.

The customs control zone is made of modules. If the zone is long, information is stretched over several modules, and if it’s short, it’s placed in a compact manner.

customs green
customs text
customs huge text
customs red

technical designer

designer and typesetter



project manager

Made in 16 days
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