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TNK Ukraine website 2.0

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Task: to redesign a website.

In more than four years that have passed since the launch of the first version of the website the number of TNK gas stations in Ukraine has significantly grown. The company has purchased several retail networks, built a number of bulk plants and started offering new types of fuel.

tnk ua2 main page
The current promo is always in plain sight

The users section of the website contains information about the TNK Club and mobile laboratory tests.

tnk ua2 motorist page
Guys in orange coveralls are in charge of quality

The page with the gas stations map now features links to other helpful sections of the website: about the types of fuel, the company’s ecological activities, gas stations services and the new payment system.

tnk ua2 map
More stations—more dots on the map

At the bottom of each page users will find helpful pieces of advice and a link to the list of road laws.

Release date: February 08 2011


art director
technical designer
technical director
product managers
Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Yulia Semenko, Irina Kalenik and Roman Bogun for their assistance with the project

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