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    The making of TurkStream printed materials

    Process I
    Process II

    Starting to work on the project for South Stream Transport B.V.

    Preparing additional graphics in the style of the letters. Using the photographs and a diagram provided by the client to draw a cross-section of the pipe.

    Creating the illustration.

    Simultaneously searching for the style of the icons.

    Finding the style, sending the miniatures for drawing, creating illustrations.

    Starting to work on the ships. Gathering information about the J-lay vessel.

    Building a model and choosing an angle.

    Starting to draw.


    Time for the S-lay vessel.

    The client asks to turn the ship around.

    The client asks to turn the ship around.

    Modeling the underwater ROV device.

    Adding more volume.

    Creating a model of a pig, diagnostic device that travels inside the pipes.

    Rendering the image at the right angle. Making the final touches in Photoshop.

    The result is a bit too dark. Making it lighter.

    Adding volume.

    Testing the procedural water surface material that we will need for future illustrations featuring the sea.

    Checking out how a vessel would look on water.

    Working on the pipe laying diagram for the beach illustration.

    Making the first approach.

    Looks empty. Adding workers.

    Still a bit lifeless. Populating the beach.

    Removing the ship and planting more trees. Changing the workers’ uniforms and redrawing the microtunneling process to bring it closer to real life.

    Starting to assemble the brochure. Sketching the openings.

    Working on half titles.

    Designing the cover and the endpaper.


    Coming up with the general idea right off the bat: to make sure the posters can be hung together.

    Starting with a poster that is rich in information, the rest will be typeset similarly.


    Getting a task from the client: design a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” postcard. Searching for ideas.

    Adding some nice calligraphy.

    Choosing the Christmas tree on white background.

    Drawing the calligraphy.


    Thinking what to put in the calendar. Searching for the grid.

    Creating other months.

    Starting to work on the cover. Removing the clouds, adding the pipeline, trying to use graphic elements and ships.

    Searching for the grid.

    Settling on one design.

    Typesetting other versions.


    We want the diary to have some interesting trivia about the project on small inserts in between regular pages.

    Testing designs for the cover.

    Part two

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