Task: to publish an informative booklet.

TurkStream is a natural gas pipeline running from Russia to Turkey through the Black Sea. It will supply gas to consumers in Turkey as well as in countries of Southern and Southeast Europe.

A brochure clearly presenting the stages of pipeline construction was designed at the studio.

ts brochure booklet back
ts brochure booklet front

The booklet contains essential information about TurkStream: what it is, what is its purpose, how it is being built and what technologies are used in its construction. Sections of the brochure are separated with spectacular halftitles.

ts brochure shmutztitul 1
ts brochure shmutztitul 2
ts brochure shmutztitul 3
ts brochure shmutztitul 4

We are especially proud of the engaging and beautifully illustrated openings. For one of them we drew a plethora of fishing, private and freight boats while on the other we depicted an anchovy that is glad that pipeline construction won’t affect its population.

ts brochure page 1
ts brochure page 2
ts brochure page 3
ts brochure page 4
ts brochure page 5

The illustrations clearly and precisely show various stages of construction.

  • The studio wishes to thank Dmitry Koltyrev and Sander van Rootselaar for their help with the project
Made in 20 days
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