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The second version of Tut Naidut website

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[The work is in the museum]

Task: to design a website.

The first version of Tut Naidut website was launched in November 2010. Back then the Studio created templates only. Now we need to redesign everything—rearrange all content and apply new algorithms.

tutnaidut site
The website got a smart but not wonky helper.

To get started, a user needs to register with the site and enter the specifications of the flat he wants to rent, lease, buy or sell.

tutnaidut site add
An ideal house in numbers

The system finds the best matches and sends the user a notification email. The results only contain ads that meet all requirements. Now all that’s left to do is send a message to the owner of the ad and arrange for a deal.

tutnaidut site correspondence
All messages on one page

Release date: May 19 2011


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