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    Website content provided and updated by Tut Naidut staff

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    [This work is in the museum]

    Task: To design templates for real estate matchmaking website.

    Tut Naidut—russian for ”find it here“—is a website that brings together people seeking an apartment for rent and landlords. The alpha-version of the website has been launched in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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    Demand, let us introduce you to Supply

    After you complete your new ad the system sends it only to people meeting the criteria. The artificial intelligence automatically puts together the best fitting classifieds, like a skillful matchmaker. If you wish to get help you can set what you are willing to pay for a middleman and what service is needed.

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    Creating a new ad is easy, with all the available options you are sure to nail it from the first try

    Release date: November 22 2010


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