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Originally, the Latin word fabula meant a fable, a fairy tale. Later the term is used to refer to the basis, the core of a narrative.

Task: to design an expressive script typeface.

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Fabula is a magic script typeface which echoes the fairy tale events of the dark Middle Ages. The letters jump uneasily, the ink spills carelessly as if the author is hurrying to write down a fairy tale in the dark of the night under the light of a flickering candle.

Eerie beauty!

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To make the “handwriting” look natural, the typeface includes contextual alternates and additional ligatures that help make connections between letters more natural and enliven the matter.

Default stateContextual alternatesAdditional ligatures

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The typeface contains extended Latin characters for texts in Western and Central European languages, and an extended Cyrillic character set that are used in the Eastern European countries.

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