Ivolga typeface


Task: to design a display typeface.

Ivolga is a handwritten display typeface. The gently dancing slant of the letters gives the typeface a fun and playful character while wide strokes add romance.

The typeface includes minuscule digits, ligatures, alternative characters and arrows.

The face has a wide range of application in advertising and typography. It looks equally at home on the sign for a trendy boutique, on a Valentine’s Day card and on a seasonal sales announcement.

The sprawling horizontal stroke looks like a trace of a quill
The wide swash hanging below the baseline

Slightly naughty, feminine but not mannered.

The percent sign and braces match minuscule digits in size

Single prepositions о и в are replaced with alternative characters
End stroke

Majuscule and minuscule digits

Difficult letter combinations get replaced with an alternative shape or a ligature

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