Pobeda typeface

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Task: to create a typeface.

Pobeda is a bright display typeface inspired by the Moscow Victory Day Parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. At the heart of the typeface is the recognizable rapid silhouette of the famous MiG-29.


The typeface looks great on souvenirs and printed matter, adding a hint of patriotism to any material.

I want to be yours


Online price:  32.73  $
  ≈ 30  €
  ≈ 2999  руб.

Release date: June 17 2015


art director
The author of the typeface wishes to thank Rostislav Belyakov (1919–2014), chief designer of the MiG jets, for inspiration
pobeda sky

The typeface includes extended Cyrillic and Latin character sets.

pobeda boy

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