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  • The making of Pobeda typeface

    Overview   Process  

    “Open oog” or “Keep your eyes open” was the motto of Dutch modernist designers in the 1950s. A good advice. Let’s try to use it in the center of Moscow on Victory Day.

    pobeda process 01

    But the only thing that we can see are hundreds, thousands of heads of people who sit above us. Finally, we see the number 70 made of dots that almost silently flies over Tverskaya Street. Applause breaks out. Judging by how loud it was, it seems not only typeface designers were excited.

    pobeda process 02

    Loudspeakers on Tverskaya Street inform us what the impressive number was made of: the seven was made of MiG-29 fighter jets and the dots in the zero were Su-25. There’s no way we can pass on this wonderful typographic experiment. All we need to do is simply place the dots, the rest has already been done by the creator of the jets, organizers of the parade and fifteen pilots.

    pobeda process 03

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