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Syys Script is a script typeface with a light and easy-going character whose name is derived from the Finnish word syys, meaning autumn. Its 2 066 glyphs, 1 359 ligatures, and 12 140 kerning pairs create an impression of handwritten text where every character and every connection between letters is unique. The type includes four styles.


Syys Script Felt Tip has rounder and bolder strokes characteristic of felt tip pens that make the text bright and expressive. Sustaining the original style, Syys Script Eco and Syys Script Felt Tip Eco have smaller proportions and slightly simplified strokes that make them easily readable in smaller sizes.

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The type supports a great number of Latin and Cyrillic languages​, its numerous ligatures take into account characteristics of both writing systems. Ligatures generally correspond with the most common two-letter syllables. At the same time, there remains a good number of unconnected letter combinations that keep Syys Script from being too repetitive. The extenders provide a sense of rapid rhythm with elements that sometimes encroach on to the next line, as is often the case in handwriting.

syys script ligatures
syys eco

Syys Script is good for package design and works well in advertising, especially when informal communication with the consumer is required. Various special characters—arrows, strikethroughs, check marks, circles—expand the typographic capability of the type.

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