The making of the Syys Script typeface

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Autumn, asters, school, bright yellow sun in a clear sky, cold dew at sunset and a postcard with the text “Tänä syksynä meillä on paljon puolukkaa ja sienia. Come soon” found among old photographs, a reminder of the time when finding messages in the mailbox was a common thing that was taken for granted. But even today, when we have almost forgotten how to write by hand, when letters are increasingly electronic and hardly follow any etiquette, we are happy to find the familiar handwritten words in magazines, on packaging, on signs. We love these uneven, unkempt letters, maybe because they remind us of something simple, basic and genuine, like these lines...

The old postcard and the reflections that followed prompted the author to create a handwritten “autumn typeface:” in Finnish, syys is part of all words related to autumn, so Syys Script can be literally translated as Autumn Typeface.

syys script process 06

There were not enough samples of handwritten letters, so the bulk of work involved imagining and finalizing handwritten forms and connections.

syys script process 01
syys script process 03
syys script process 04
syys script process 05