• Typefaces
  • The making of the Zet typeface

    Overview   Process  

    Inventing letters.

    Assembling the typeface.

    Drawing ligatures and alternative characters.

    Estimating plastics and character of the pictures.

    There are too many alternative characters. Deciding to make four styles instead of two.

    Type designer: I can make these two characters different in all styles if that’s OK with you.

    Designer: Sure. And let’s change some of the pictures, the face needs more horror and madness.

    Type designer: Hey, what happened to the moose?

    Designer: It got replaced with an upgraded carnivore version.

    Deciding on the set of characters.

    Testing the face. Something goes wrong.


    After a prolonged argument between the designer and the type designer, granny leaves the face. The penguin is happy though.

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