Logo and visual identity for UDS

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Task: to develop a logo and visual identity for a construction company.

The UDS (Urengoydorstroy) construction company is in the business of building and developing roads, airports, and city streets in the Far North region of Russia. It does construction & maintenance work at natural gas fields, and also produces asphalt. The studio created a logo and visual identity for UDS.

uds logo
The logo has a hidden road junction and a North Star, which symbolizes the type of business the company is engaged in, and the region

The company logo can be found in all kinds of places, anywhere from business documents to construction equipment. Therefore different versions of the logo have been developed, so it will always look nice and neat everywhere.

Release date: September 16 2013


artistic director
art director & designer
type designer
project manager
uds logo options
The full and simplified versions of the logo on white and dark gray backgrounds for placing on construction equipment

The specific elements of UDS’s visual style are the alternating or paired beveled lines, painted in the company colors: white, dark gray, and turquoise. The combination of lines and solid background colors allows you to create a varied, but always recognizable visual style.

uds docs
Business cards, envelopes, and corporate gifts don’t look the same, but they are all easily recognizable

uds billboards
The UDS slogans used on the billboards

Construction sites, uniforms, and construction equipment all use the company logo and colors.

uds uniform 01
uds uniform 02
The workers wear light or warm uniforms, depending on the time of the year

uds car
uds icons
Signs were created in order to facilitate navigation around the construction site, and at the same time provide a bit of comic relief

The rules for proper use of logo, corporate colors & lines, as well as design of stationery, promotional materials, gifts, construction sites, uniforms, and construction equipment are all fully described in the style guide.

uds bb lines
Pages on the proper use of slanted lines

uds bb pattern
Pages on the proper use of alternating lines

uds bb pass
Pages on the proper design of ID cards and guest passes

uds bb badges
Two styles of pins


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