The making of logo and visual identity for UDS

Overview   Process  

Searching for metaphors.

uds process 01
uds process 02
uds process 03
uds process 04
uds process 05
uds process 06
uds process 07

The bear idea seems nice. Working on it further, turning it into a bear shape made up of road curves.

uds process 08

Trying it on different surfaces.

uds process 09

At the same time, we get an idea of a very simple logo: two roads that make up the letter “U”.

uds process 10

Trying to see how it will look like in real life.

uds process 11

Taking a trip to Novy Urengoy, showing both versions to the client. He likes the more abstract, functional version. The client wants to retain consistency with the current company logo. We make it our new direction.

Working on two more strictly functional versions. Showing it to the client; he doesn’t like it.

uds process 12
uds process 13

Thinking about other options.

uds process 14
uds process 15
uds process 16
uds process 17
uds process 18
uds process 19
uds process 20
uds process 21
uds process 22
uds process 23

Showing it to the client again. He is feeling the bear. Two weeks later the values were reconsidered​​, the bear fell out of favor, and we started again from scratch.

Adding another designer to the project. Looking for metaphors...

uds process 24

Choosing the best options, preparing the presentation. Showing it to the client.

uds process 25
uds process 27
uds process 30
uds process 29

Client: We think you hit it on the nail with the North Star concept. Really, we immediately liked that logo, and it left a lasting impression on us. It looks great from every angle :) Thanks!

Working on the lettering part, the size ratio of the sign and the text, overall scale.

uds process 31
uds process 32
uds process 33

Showing the logo in real life applications.

uds process 34

Everyone likes it. Continuing in that direction.

Thinking about stationery design. Working on metaphors for visual identity—cross section of soil, tire tread, pavement markings, layers of asphalt...

uds process 35
uds process 36
uds process 37
uds process 38
uds process 39
uds process 40
uds process 41
uds process 42
uds process 43
uds process 44
uds process 45
uds process 46
uds process 47
uds process 48

The client asks to get rid of yellow, simplify the concept, and reduce the number of ornaments and patterns.

Trying to make it more formal and reserved.

uds process 49
uds process 50
uds process 51

The customer picks version with “the curves.” Making a complete set of stationery.

uds process 52
uds process 53

Proposing to make the construction project sign in vertical format; convincing the client that vertical lines are visually “stronger” than horizontal ones (upward movement). Vertical lines will also look good in open spaces. In vertical format the sign is just as informative, and the information is more easy to comprehended (since line length is reduced). On the second attempt, the client accepts our proposal.

uds process 62

Coming up with some ideas for the advertising billboard.

uds process 60

The client is not “feeling it.”

In order to “spice up” the layout, making up a new company slogan.

uds process 61


Starting to work on the uniforms. The workers have three sets of uniforms—for winter, spring/fall, and summer. The style should go with everything. Proposing to use patches and tags.

uds process 54
uds process 55

Client: Customization doesn’t seem too impressive.

Taking a more radical approach.

uds process 56
uds process 63


Time to work on the construction equipment. Carefully adding the logo.

uds process 57

Repainting the fleet in corporate turquoise.

uds process 58

Overkill. The client asks for a more viable solution. Studying examples from international companies: discreet, modest, and neat. And that’s exactly what do.

uds process 59

Everything is finished. Compiling all elements into a thick style guide.

Order a design...