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    Task: to develop a trash can for the studio’s line of street furniture.

    Urnus-7 is designed to complement Skameikus-5 outdoor bench and is intended to be installed in parks and on the streets.

    Keeping clean

    Urnus-7 is a cylindrical trash can with a round hinged lid and a 50-liter (13-gallon) zinc-plated container inside. Urnus is 780 mm (30″) high and 386 mm (15″) in diameter.

    Release date: September 22 2014


    artistic director
    Artemy Lebedev
    art director
    Timur Burbaev
    Sofia Solomko
    Boris Tarasov
    Viktor Lvov
    Easy to use and maintain

    The main parts of the bin are made from metal and coated with powdered enamel. The body is covered with larch-colored wood-polymer composite.

    It’s nice to be neat and tidy

    Urnus-8 is fixed in place with anchor bolts.

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