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    Task: to develop a trash can for the studio’s line of street furniture.

    Urnus-7 is designed to complement Skameikus-5 outdoor bench and is intended to be installed in parks and on the streets.

    urnus 8
    Keeping clean

    Urnus-7 is a cylindrical trash can with a round hinged lid and a 50-liter (13-gallon) zinc-plated container inside. Urnus is 780 mm (30″) high and 386 mm (15″) in diameter.

    Release date: September 22 2014


    artistic director
    Artemy Lebedev
    art director
    Timur Burbaev
    Sofia Solomko
    Boris Tarasov
    Viktor Lvov
    urnus 8 open
    Easy to use and maintain

    The main parts of the bin are made from metal and coated with powdered enamel. The body is covered with larch-colored wood-polymer composite.

    urnus 8 trash
    It’s nice to be neat and tidy

    Urnus-8 is fixed in place with anchor bolts.

    urnus 8 skameikus

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