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    to design an inexpensive city trash can.

    Urnus-14 is a compact and easy to service city trash can that works well on streets and in parks. The laconic metal structure fits well into the environment and can either blend with the surroundings or stand out depending on the color of the trash bag used. Urnus-14 complements Veloparkus-3, Skameikus-8 and Florus-3.

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    The trash can requires a fairly strong trash bag that is held in place with a special rubber band. The cut-off angles prevent damage to the bag and make the trash can safe for people passing by. Urnus-14 does not require additional buckets or daily cleaning except for replacing the trash bag

    The trash can is very inexpensive to produce: it is made of standard processed U-channel. Urnus-14 can be installed on any level surface where it is held in place with anchor bolts.

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