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    Website of Ukrsotsbank

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    Ukrsotsbank, a commercial bank for social development, is one of Ukraine’s largest banks.

    The website design reflects the bank’s willingness to become an affordable financial and credit institution focused on meeting the demand of all client categories. The website is equally easy to use for individual customers and companies, financiers and retired employees, people living in the country’s capital and in the provinces, ordinary and VIP clients.

    The design of the website underscores the lightness and transparence of its structure and precise differentiation of the services offered by the bank

    The website structure allows for quick access to information on popular services—corporate bond issues, credits, card programs, fund transfers and others. Interactive services (online applications for credits, partner search, credit and deposit calculators, currency converters) help Ukrsotsbank employees establish efficient relationship with customers. It’s also easy to find the addresses, phone numbers and working hours of all branches, ATMs and POS terminals of the bank in all Ukrainian regions. Roadmaps are available for all ATMs.

    Page about the bank’s management team

    The website has three language versions. The Russian and Ukrainian versions have a mirror structure in which the user can switch between the pages of the main sections. The English version was made for the bank’s foreign partners and Ukraine’s prospective investors.

    Using Imprimatur II, an information projects management system, Art. Lebedev Studio created a mechanism of building the websites of Ukrsotsbank regional branches united into a single database and designed in the same style meeting corporate identity standards.

    Release date: July 23 2003


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Roma Voronezhsky
    Macromedia Flash designer
    Oleg Paschenko
    technical designers
    Marina Efremova
    Serzh Maksimov
    Igor Gerasimenko
    Denis Zarubin
    Vladimir Tokmakov
    Macromedia Flash developer
    Ivan Dembitsky
    Natalya Yarusova
    Anastasia Mescheryakova
    Aleksandr Sarapin

    Art. Lebedev Studio extends thanks to the following persons for their contribution to project implementation: Sergey Adamenko, Tanteli Ratuvukheri, Andrey Sakhno, Irina Ledovskaya, Alyona Glushchuk, Alexander Koval, Valery Lyakh (Ukrsotsbank)

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