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    Second version of Ukrsotsbank site

    Website content is provided and updated by the bank’s employees

    [This work is in the museum]

    Problem: Refocus the website.

    Ukrsotsbank (Commercial Bank for Social Development) is one of Ukraine’s major banks.

    As the visitor enters the site, the first thing he or she sees is the Private Customers section

    The website features a little helper—the red dot that’s part of the logo.

    The first version of the website was opened by Art. Lebedev Studio in 2003. Since then the bank has expanded the range of services and become more focused on retail customers.

    Release date: February 20 2007


    art director
    flash developers

    Art. Lebedev Studio’s thanks go to Andrey Sakhno, Irina Ledovskaya, Denis Sokolovsky, Maxim Perov, Arthur Zaripov and Nadezhda Lyadetskaya for their contribution to the project

    The red thread listing the bank’s services runs through the entire site

    In the second version important information was carefully preserved and regrouped to meet the new goal.

    Order a design...