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to create a logo for accountants.

We came up with a logo for an accounting company that people are sure to remember (a rare occasion in the world of accounting and design).

Vasha Buhglateriya provides consulting services to heads of medium and small businesses on legal, auditing and accounting issues. The new logo is recognized at first glance and demonstrates the seriousness of the company’s sphere of business.


All accounting logos look the same and are united in their ugliness. If you look at several of them at the same time, you get a feeling that they were created by some sort of an automated design generator: a gray or white background, boring typeface, graphs, calculators and abaci (Abaci, really?! Why not cuneiform?).

We found a fresh metaphor for accounting: balance. The spinning top illustrates the idea of balance in constant movement.

The chromed black spinning top looks solemn and elegant while the bright background provides a pleasant contrast.

The logo looks well on souvenirs and adds life to any annual report.

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