• Graphic design
  • The making of the Vasha Buhglateriya logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: Our company’s name is Vasha Buhglateriya. The target audience are medium and small business executives and owners. Range of services: accounting, law, auditing. I want the logo and the corporate identity to create an image of a serious company. Style: austerity, classics, consistency. Preferred colors: brown, green, yellow, blue, gray.

    Designer: Here are my ideas. “Austerity, classics, consistency” are not exactly about Express Design, are they?

    vasha buhgalteriya process 01

    Art director: Why, no, it fits it well.

    Designer: Algebraic sums, functions, percentiles. The third line has my ideas about balance. The last line is about monograms.

    vasha buhgalteriya process 02

    Art director: 7 is very OK.

    Designer: Maybe, 3D?

    vasha buhgalteriya process 03

    Art director: I like the bottom center one, but the shape was livelier and more fun in the sketch.

    Designer: I changed the shape to be closer to the sketch. There are three lighting variants on the picture as well as some alternative materials and captions. I want to tilt the entire logo a little bit to the left to balance out the hanging flag. This will also bring dynamics. I like 3 and 5 most of all. As for materials, I would go with classic chrome.

    vasha buhgalteriya process 04

    Art director: Let’s go with 1 but rearrange the letters in a vertical block to the right of the logo.

    vasha buhgalteriya process 05

    Art director: In number 7 put the letters like they are in number 6.

    Designer: I’m not too sure.

    vasha buhgalteriya process 06

    Art director: Try to use the spinning top as the hyphen on top of the letters.

    vasha buhgalteriya process 07

    Art director: 1 is OK.


    Tema, I’m sorry, I just don’t understand the final design. I think the heavy top presses down on slim letters that also happen to be compressed in the same direction. Maybe, we can reinforce them by adding a colored bar? This will also add some color. I think 8 and 11 look nice. Alternatively, 12 and 13.

    vasha buhgalteriya process 08

    Art director: Let’s go with 12.

    Designer: Cleaned it up a bit.

    vasha buhgalteriya process 09
    vasha buhgalteriya process 10

    Art director: OK.