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• Overview
Task: to create a mobile app for the country’s main trade exhibition.

Release date: November 18 2015

Established in 1939, Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH) is one of the world’s largest exhibition complexes. Today it hosts trade shows, workshops, children’s playgrounds, guided tours and sports clubs. The first version of a mobile application that provides basic functionality for visitors was created at the studio. The app includes navigation system, information about current events and allows users to leave feedback that will direct its further development.

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Venue descriptions and event announcements are displayed in a single feed made of universal modular mini cards. A large block with the most important information is placed at the beginning of the feed

Each card contains distance from the current location to the venue

step 1

Animation featuring the corporate pattern is displayed when the feed is updated

step 2

Events are shown on mini cards with white background, while colors and photographs are used for landmarks. Event tickets can also be purchased directly from mini cards

step 3

Swiping mini cards opens a menu that allows adding the event to favorites and navigating to it

All important landmarks including museums and monuments, exhibition halls and amusement parks, theaters and sports grounds, meeting facilities as well as the Oceanarium and the beach are divided into categories and marked on Google Maps. Categories are represented by icons can be configured using filters. Pictograms of major architectural structures are accompanied by illustrations.

step 4

Tapping a landmark icon opens a mini card from the feed

step 5

Besides routes from the current location to selected destinations, users can get routes between any two locations by selecting them from a list

step 6

The route is instantly displayed on the map

The full card of a landmark or an event contains full description, distance from the current location and the relevant map fragment.

app content

The pavilion card contains information on its name at different points in time, who and when designed it as well as other trivia

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