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Vegas Crocus City navigation system

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Task: to create a user-friendly navigation system for a shopping center.

Vegas Crocus City is a large shopping center designed and decorated in the spirit of New York. The mall is divided into themed zones named after famous New York City landmarks: Times Square, Madison Avenue, 47th Street and Rockefeller Center. The shopping center includes more than 500 stores on five levels, an entertainment zone, an ice rink, a children’s entertainment center, a multiplex cinema, a bowling alley, cafés and restaurants. A full-scale navigation system was developed at the studio to help visitors find their way around the shopping center and the surrounding area.

vegas people
The starting point

The main navigation stand on each floor displays the floor number, a list of categories of goods and services decorated with large and clear pictograms, a detailed map of stores and exits and a “You are here” marker. The bottom part of the stand has a list of all stores in Vegas along with their category and floor number.

Release date: July 23 2014


artistic director
art director
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project manager
In addition to interior space, the map contains the adjacent territory with parking, helicopter pad, Metro stations and the Moscow Ring Road.
vegas radar dot
Locator shows the position and line of sight of the viewer

Goods and services are divided into categories to help find the right shops.

Color coding is used to help visitors distinguish and remember product categories

The main navigation is supplemented by the radar which allows visitors to orientate themselves intuitively. The content of radar stands changes according to their position and surroundings. A small number of key stores shown allows users to read information quickly without spending too much time at the stand.

Each radar stand features a cloud of nearby stores and certain important objects outside of the coverage area
vegas radar sborka
Two-sided stands are also used. In this case one side shows a map, while the other one displays a radar.

When visitors need to find out what is located on another level, they can use an escalator stand. It contains a brief categorized list of key brands on adjacent levels.

vegas escalator
Escalator stand supplements the main map and the radar
vegas escalator scheme
Two types of escalators are in use in Vegas: criss-cross and parallel. Individual installation guidelines were created for each type

vegas slice
The LED-backlit stand is made of tempered glass and painted black along the perimeter. The map is printed on Backlit light diffuser film which can be easily and inexpensively replaced when the information is updated.

Lists of goods and services available on different levels are located near elevators to help visitors find the right floor.

vegas elevator plate
Unlike the legend on a map stand, the elevator diagram contains only a brief list of brands not to delay the visitors
vegas elevator side
The panel is located at eye level

The main navigation is supplemented by consoles. They are installed in places where no map stands are available. In order not to overload the consoles with information, they consist of only four icons at least one of which is a directional arrow. The pictograms have a slight pleasant volume.

vegas 4 picts
If the specified goods or services are located on a different floor an escalator icon is added to the arrow

vegas two side plate
The consoles are made of semi-transparent plastic which allows placing icons on both sides

vegas bear

The designed set of pictograms contains a wide range of icons for everything from technical areas to children’s products. Simple and clear graphics allows the icons to work equally well in car parks, the shopping center interior and on advertising media.

vegas hall left   vegas hall right
Pictograms can work without captions: all objects and meanings are easily understandable

To make navigating the shopping mall even more convenient, a booklet with a map and a detailed list of goods and services was created. It can be easily folded and carried around.

vegas booqlet

Special stands for car drivers that show entrances to Vegas parking lot were also created. The height of the stands is chosen according to the presence of trees along the road: the information will always be visible to the drivers. The bottom part of the stand contains a list of key tenants of the shopping center.

vegas parking entrance

The parking lot is divided into color zones, four on each level. Columns contain the color code and the sequential number. People with color perception problems can use the number to distinguish the columns.

Parking information is located on the first floor near the escalators. A visitor who parked the car on one of the levels of the parkade will be able to easily find the color zone where the car is located.

vegas escalator zoom
Both parking levels are shown on the stand which allows drivers to quickly find the right level and choose the best exit

Parking lot gates are colored red and green to forbid and allow entry accordingly.

vegas gates
vegas cars 01
When the gates are opened, drivers can see whether they are red or green
vegas cars 02
When the gates are closed, drivers can see the text reminding them which level they are on

Large signs reminding that the parkade has a second level are put on walls.

vegas walls

All rules and principles of navigation are given in a detailed guidebook which allows to supplement existing media and create new.

vegas bb column
Opening on typesetting the text on columns

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