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to develop a logo that would not look expensive.

Ceilings offered by VIP Ceiling are available in almost all Russian cities. Sales and service offices are located primarily in large renovation stores and shopping centers.

A laconic text logo that works well with the graphic environment of large DIY supermarkets, the company’s current partners, was developed at the studio.

The clean text logo exists in several variants: typeset in two lines, in a single line, monochrome and even abbreviated. The short version works well on souvenirs while the monochrome versions look great in black and white advertising booklets.

The slant of the horizontal element of the letter Т makes it resemble the shape of a ceiling.

The composition made of three lines and planes that resembles a room with a ceiling is used as an additional element of the identity.

vipceiling board

Different variants of the composition can be used on advertising banners, signs, vehicles and souvenirs.

vipceiling car

A sample interior can easily take place of one of the edges in printed advertising.

vipceiling magazine

A detailed guide explains the main principles of using the logo and the identity.

vipceiling guide 1
vipceiling guide 3
vipceiling guide 2

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