• Graphic design
  • The making of the VIP Ceiling logo

    Overview• Process

    Putting together the first presentation and showing it to the client.

    vipceiling process 1

    The client asks not to use words of different thickness and admits to not entirely understanding the idea of the pattern.

    First designer: Solid and put together with rough strokes. The volume (the ceiling) is rhymed with a slant. If they see it, great, if they don’t, they’ll just understand it as being dynamic and wanting to grow.

    vipceiling process 2

    Artistic director: 2-2.

    Showing to the client. It’s not what they are looking for.

    Sketching other designs.

    vipceiling process 3

    Artistic director: 10. And let’s add white stripes to the letter Т. It will look like a room with a ceiling.

    vipceiling process 4

    Deciding to keep it for presentation to the client.

    Looks fine overall, but the metaphor with the ceiling and walls in the letter T is not convincing. Also getting a comment that the letter Т made of three parts reminds of Soviet stencil typography.

    Inviting the second designer.

    vipceiling process 5

    Creating a presentation.

    vipceiling process 6

    The client asks not to use the ceiling shape in the logo because in one way or another each of their competitors uses it.

    Searching for other ways to include a reference of a ceiling.

    vipceiling process 7
    vipceiling process 8
    vipceiling process 9
    vipceiling process 10

    The third designer gets started.

    Third designer: What about this?

    vipceiling process 11

    Making another presentation.

    vipceiling process 12

    The client asks not to use cursive typeface since the company is not trying to look progressive. They would rather prefer stability and solidity.

    The fourth designer joins in.

    Fourth designer: Let’s do away with the three-part letter Т altogether. Trying different options: softening the letters, adding various elements and ligatures.

    vipceiling process 13

    After careful consideration, the client makes the choice.

    vipceiling process 14

    Starting to develop corporate identity elements.

    vipceiling process 15
    vipceiling process 16
    vipceiling process 17