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Task: to create a service for evaluating taste for good design.

Vkusomer is a website that determines the level of design taste.

How does it work?

There is a database of pictures ranging from incredible masterpieces to complete trash.

There are our impartial experts that liked or disliked each of those pictures based on how good they are.

And then there is the visitor who should also evaluate the pictures. The service will then determine whether the visitor’s opinion matches the undisputed standard view (the more matches, the better the taste).

The website allows to assess your taste in graphic, industrial, type and web design.

Vkusomer will suit professionals (giving them another opportunity to confirm their greatness and impeccable taste) and enthusiasts.

In critical cases, the website can help delicately suggest to the client that their opinion is not correct (spoiler alert: it is entirely possible that testing will impartially show that the client’s taste is actually better than the designer’s).

All users of the system are entered into a global rating of design taste.

At first, we wanted to create Tinder for designers. What we ended up making turned out to be cooler and much more useful.

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