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    to create a logo for a law firm with a fighting character.

    Volovik and partners is a law firm that deals with disputes in the areas of real estate, construction and land use and does not shy away from complicated cases. A logo showcasing the company’s determination was created at the studio.

    volovik logo

    The white rhinoceros is a huge and powerful animal that is almost impossible to catch. The image of a tied up rhino symbolizes preparedness in the face of difficulties and a focus on the result.

    The logo is used to create a firm corporate identity. Small fiery red accents accentuate the strict black and white color scheme.

    volovik nabor 2

    Rules for the use of the logo, corporate colors and typefaces are assembled in a guide.

    volovik guide 2
    Opening on corporate typefaces

    volovik guide 1
    Opening on signs

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