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  • The making of the Volovik and Partners logo

    Overview• Process

    Generating ideas.

    volovik process 1

    Elaborating a couple and showing a presentation to the client.

    volovik process 2

    Starting to work on the idea with a saddled elephant. Developing the story. Trying to use other animals in place of the elephant.

    volovik process 3

    The client asks to work with the rhino but in a different graphic version as well as to go back to one of the previous idea with two heads and work it out as well.

    Changing the designer, going through potential options.

    volovik process 5
    volovik process 6

    The art director asks to tie the flipped rhino to a stick. Showing both designs to the client.

    volovik process 7
    volovik process 8

    The client excitedly picks the captured rhinoceros. Spending a lot of time trying to find the best shape and color for the animal.

    volovik process 10

    At the end, deciding to go with a style that’s similar to an engraving.

    volovik process 11

    Coming up with a slogan, the type designer draws the letters.

    volovik process 12

    Typesetting the guide.