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Vse Sam vending kiosks exterior design

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Task: to design automated vending kiosks selling consumer goods.

Vse Sam kiosks sell various goods (from milk to headphones), accept cash and credit cards, have built-in video surveillance and are open 24/7. The exterior design of the kiosks is used to tell about their features and explain how to make a purchase.

vse sam exterior side
Robotic miracle

Release date: July 10 2014


artistic director
art director
chief typesetter
project manager
The studio wishes to thank Aleksander Zolotarev for his trust, comprehensive support and direct participation in the project

To make sure all kiosks look equally well, a design guide was created at the studio.

vsyo sam logo bb cover
Cover of the guide
vsyo sam logo bb colors
Opening with corporate colors
vsyo sam logo bb price
Opening with price tag design

A detailed presentation was prepared for city authorities to acquire permission for installation of the kiosks.

vse sam exterior bb how to
Opening on the parameters and operation of the kiosks

In between video ads shown on the top screen, the kiosks carefully study passers-by.


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