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Vse Sam vending kiosks logo and corporate identity

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Task: to create a corporate identity for automated vending kiosks selling consumer goods.

Vse Sam is a brand of automated vending kiosks selling groceries, drinks and most popular consumer goods. A name and a slogan for the kiosks were created at the studio, as well as a logo and a corporate identity that reflect the high-tech nature and user-friendliness of the machines.

vsyo sam logo 01
vsyo sam logo 02
The logo with the slogan for the main sign and a version for other uses

Release date: July 10 2014


artistic director
art director
project manager
The studio wishes to thank Aleksander Zolotarev for his trust, comprehensive support and direct participation in the project

Vse Sam kiosks are able to store and sell up to 400 types of goods simultaneously. Numerous pictograms that make up the core of the corporate identity and represent the wide range of goods are used in the kiosks’ exterior and interface design as well as in documentation and souvenir products.

vsyo sam logo icons items

Also created were the functional icons instructing users and telling them about kiosk features.

vsyo sam logo icons green

The corporate identity is supplemented by pixel digits used in price tags and the interface.

vsyo sam logo numbers

Kiosks will be installed in pedestrian zones and city parks of Moscow, in Metro halls and corridors, in parking lots and airports. They can also be easily integrated with public transport stops.

vsyo sam logo cat

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