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to invent a name and a logo for a microfinancing organization.

Vzaimno Loan Systems issues loans to cafés, stores, flower shops and other small businesses quickly and without hassle.

We came up with a name and a logo communicating stability and friendliness towards clients.

vzaimno logo

What was the problem?

Our client issues microloans to small businesses (up to several millions rubles). Usually, this type of financing is associated with something horrible: street kiosks, signs “Money now!!!!!!” and 1000% interest rates.

The name had to emphasize the difference between the scary world of microcrediting and friendly loans to small businesses.

The name is made of two parts: the word Vzaimno (“mutually” in Russian) and the caption Loan Systems.

Vzaimno sounds friendly, contains an elegant rhyme for the word zaym (“loan” in Russian) and hints at mutually beneficial cooperation. The Loan Systems caption reflects the company’s trustworthiness and dependability.

vzaimno city format

For the logo we came up with an interesting graphic solution: a lightning made of the letters и and м. It makes the logo look like a lifeline that ties together a small business and the loan system.

Or a continuous financial wave, depending on how you look at it.

The lightning-shaped element is used on souvenirs and advertising media. The symbol is used to emphasize interesting and important information.

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